Freeman River Snowshoe Hot Tent Expedition Feb 28-March 3, 2024


This trip takes us into the heart of the Freeman River watershed on the south side of the geologic feature know as The Swan Hills.  Join us to explore the towering spruce and huge balsam poplar trees along the river, as we travel upstream, deep into the historic water route of early trappers and forest wardens.  

We will spend 5 days travelling by snowshoe, pulling freight toboggans, and camping in the comfort of our hot tents with wood stoves.

The pace is relaxed, as the group moves upstream, exploring the cliffs, streams, and wildlife along the way.  Many opportunities for learning animal tracking, forest ecology, river anatomy, and woodlore will be included in the trip.  The group works together to set up camp, gather firewood and water, perform camp chores, and share experience.

Participant Pre-experience:

No prior winter camping experience is required for this trip.  A positive attitude and a willingness to help with camp chores for the well being of the entire group is recommended.  

Your level of fitness should be such that you can walk 3-5km in winter clothing while pulling a toboggan loaded with some gear.  Chores include gathering and processing firewood, walking on varied terrain, and some moderate lifting.

What is Provided:

  • all group gear, including tents, stoves, toboggans, tools, cooking equipment, first aid, and meals
  • a complete gear list will be sent out when you register for the trip

What you Provide:

  • all personal gear - clothing, sleeping bag, personal items, snowshoes, medications.
  • a complete gear list will be sent out when you register for the trip.  We are happy to help you acquire any personal gear that you need.

Please contact us if you have and questions or want additional information.