News flash - look for a completely new website and complete information on our new nature alive adventure centre this december 2022

What we do:

Nature Alive is a multifaceted family-run business offering numerous levels of Survival Courses, Bushcraft Courses, and Outdoor Education workshops, as well as Guided Canoe Trips, Guided Winter Camping Trips, National and Provincial Canoe Certifications, Recreational Drum Circle Facilitation and Djembe Instruction, all managed by our certified and experienced staff and partners. 

Our one of a kind trips and courses take you through the limitless forests and waterways of Alberta, Canada.

   Our passion is to offer you a way to immerse yourself into exuberant whole living through exciting and invigorating courses, workshops, and community events. 

Have a look around our site and see what interests you.  Please feel free to reach out to us for more information as we would be happy to help you out.

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FIREBUG - The Worlds First (and only) Friction Fire Music Video

A hilarious music video filmed  at our backwoods camp, and featuring the smash hit song "Firebug" by Canadian singer/songwriter, Loni Moger





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Upcoming Courses & Trips - 2022

We have exciting news! In 2022 Colleen and Dale will be officially opening our NATURE ALIVE ADVENTURE CENTER to for courses, bookings, and vacation rentals. However, we are working hard on infrastructure upgrades and website updates. Please watch our social media offerings for updates.

For our course and trip listings please go to the Calendar Page.


The past few years has demonstrated that 90% of our courses and trips arise from groups and individuals contacting us, and hiring us specifically for their needs.  In fact, we are finding that from April to October, we are super busy just fulfilling client requests.  This leaves little room for us to organize and offer our own courses, and thusly, our yearly calendar is fairly void of public courses and trips. 

So, we kindly request that you simply contact us and sign up for our newsletter, to receive updates on course offerings.  We promise that details for all our courses and trips will be advertised primarily on our Calendar Page, Facebook, Instagram, and occasionally on YouTube.  So please subscribe to our social medial links at the bottom of the page.

Mors Kochanski Karamat Winter Course

Dale had the honor and privilege to be one of the instructors on the Karamat Winter Course with Mors Kochanski in February 2017.  Check out the video from the course on the right.

Winter Camping Trips
Canoe Trips and Courses
Djembe lessons and Entertaining Drum Circles
Traditional Bushcraft & Survival Skills


I thoroughly enjoyed your company and instruction Dale. You have a very approachable style of teaching and I loved hearing your stories. Your passion for the outdoors and bushcraft is evident. I learned much from you. I had appreciation for your patience and genuine desire to teach others and share your extensive knowledge. Teaching without an ego is important just as you showed your mistakes as well as triumphs. I enjoyed the story of going at without sleeping bag at -37 in a makeshift shelter you created and succeeded. You deserve your spot right next to Mors and Kelly. Btw... the first night we met and sat and talked by the fire I thought you were a student, not an instructor. Thanks for everything.

Jonathan Ennis

I was lucky enough to have a chance to work along side Dale Kiselyk at Karamat Wilderness Ways Winter Course 2 weeks ago. He is not one of "Instructors" who will be in constant competition to prove himself as your superior. He is fun, caring, knowledgeable and above all super positive. He is a true practicing woodsman. He make his own equipment, stay out in shelters he built and can lead a crazy drum circle which will literally and figuratively blow you off your feet. So if your looking a facilitator you will make you feel comfortable and has vast knowledge. Well Dale is the guy for you. He is running a 2 Day course this weekend only a short drive from Edmonton. It would totally be worth your time to attend.

Jonathan McArthur

Great work on this video Dale, it did a great job of showing what kind if week us students went through. It will be fun returning for another course, no doubt!