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Paddle Canada Canoe Certification Courses - Learn to be skillful and safe on our rivers and lakes. Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Join our acclaimed Bushcraft Canoe Trips - River Canoe Skills, Bushcraft Skills, Hunting, and Fishing, rolled into one grand adventure.

Hire our Guides - design your custom lake or river trip with our guides, gear, and safety measures.

Rent our Canoes, Tents, and Equipment - We have 24 tandem canoes, tents for up to 20 people, and all the paddling gear you need for a trip of a lifetime.

Bushcraft Canoe Trip - Athabasca River

September 10 to 17, 2023

Cost $1000

Paddle Canada River Course, Bushcraft Training, Hunting, Fishing, and Traditional Camping all rolled into one grand adventure.

Moving Water Tandem Canoe Skills - Intro Course

June 2 to 4, 2023

Cost $300

The best course for making the transition from paddling lakes to rivers and rapids.

Moving Water Tandem Canoe Skills - Intermediate Course

June 29 to July 2, 2023

Cost - $350

This exciting course takes your skills up a notch from Class I rivers to confidently and safely paddling Class II rivers.

Athabasca River Classic Canoe Daytrip

Book a trip June to September

Cost $70 to $90

Our most popular day trip for groups who want to experence a wonderfully scenic, beginner river.

Custom Adventures

Nearly 90% of our courses and trips arise from groups and individuals contacting us, and hiring us specifically for their needs. 

We would like to build a custom adventure for your group

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Canoe Adventures

Canoe Adventures

Canoe Adventures

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