Official Launch January 1, 2023


 Colleen and Dale - Parade Day


Athabasca River 

 Dale & Scott - Bow River near Banff

Peanut Lake Lean-to


Drum Circle - 55 plus Alberta Games



Winter Toboggan Camp -Cartright Sny

Lakeland Canoe Circuit - Alberta

Martin Lakes Survival Course

Drumming in Hard Luck Canyon

Whitecourt, AB


Bright Sun Selfie - Athabasca River

Master Woodsman - Mors Kochanski

Teaching with Dale at Marten Lakes

Scott, Dale, and Kelly Harlton

Karamat Winter Course

Canoeing the Vermillion River

Kootenay National Park - BC

Moose Hunting Camp 2017

Brian's awesome Wall Tent

High Energy Drum Circle with 100 Youth

at Camp Encounter

Voyageur Canoe - Athabasca River

Base Camp - Karamat Course 2014

Brazeau River Expedition

Alberta Foothills

Brazeau River Canyon Expedition 2016

Dale Week Long Survival Solo - 1999

Youth Drum Circle 2006

Beaver Creek at our Winter Camp

Isegone Lake Waterfront Canoe Course

Winter Camp 2014 - It's -18 Celsius  

Baptiste Lake Root Ball Shelter

Just add a long fire - Dale 2001

Nameless Falls Brazeau Canyon

Hillcrest Lodge Senior Drum Circle

Boiling water in Deer Hide using hot rocks

Youth Survival Camp - Muskeg Creek 2002

Backwoods Winter Expedition

Tough Portage on the Wildhay river

Twig Fire Lighting Method

Winter Twig Bundle

Covered Wagon Super Shelter, long fire, and wall backing

Kicking Horse River - BC

Our Family Super Shelter at -20 Celsius


Experience the splendor of Winter Camping

Consider the Themes below, then choose your adventure:

Winter Hot Tent Camping - Build your confidence with snowshoe trekking, canvas tents with stoves, navigating frozen rivers and lakes, and all the gear to be comfortable in winter.

Animal Tracks and Sign - Learn to read animal tracks and sign, and gain deep knowledge of the intimate lives of boreal animals.

Life on the Trap Line - Experience how to set traps, harvest animals, process hides, and travel the trap line.

Winter Survival/Bushcraft Skills - Focussed on outdoor skills for winter such as: sawcraft, axecraft, winter shelters, processing firewood, firelays for winter, knife skills, snowshoes, winter clothing selection, and more.

Winter Hot Tenting/ Camping Introduction

February 3-5, 2023

Cost $200

Learn about clothing, footwear, tents, stoves, snowshoes, cookwear, and freight toboggons. Comfortable base camp at Nature Alive Adventure Centre.

Animal Tracking Workshop - Winter

February 25 & March 11, 2023

Cost $120

Learn to read and understand animal tracks, trails, and signs.

Life on the Trap Line

January 2024

Cost - $1100

Understand animal tracks, trails, and signs.  Discover how to set traps for various animals, locate prime areas for trapping success, process animals and prepare hides for a multitude of uses. 

Custom Adventures

Nearly 90% of our courses and trips arise from groups and individuals contacting us, and hiring us specifically for their needs. 

We would like to build a custom adventure for your group

A fun video on the joys of Winter Camping

Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures