Snow Walker's Companion



This is the undisputed guide book for Winter Camping, Snowshoeing, and Northern Winter Travel.  The information in the book has really provided us with direction and significant information of how to run our trips and what gear really works best for winter camping.  I especially appreciate the realistic philosophy presented in the book regarding no trace outdoor activities and skillful living off the land.  This book is entertaining, insightful, and clearly based on years of intense outdoor expeditions and guiding by the authors.  You will not regret purchasing this book! - Dale

Snow Walker’s Companion is a guide to comfortable winter camping using tried and true traditional equipment and native skills. The Conovers show us how to sleep warm, travel safe and enjoy the white season. Guides in Maine and Labrador for over 25 years, Garrett and Alexandra have learned not only how to survive in the North in winter, but to thrive. They share their little known secrets in an easy-to-read conversational manner.

Learn how to stay warm in extreme temperatures
Tips on reading lake- and river-ice conditions
Practical advice on setting up tents & stoves
Choosing the right footwear and clothing
How to pick the best snowshoes for you
Common sense psychology for the trail
BONUS! A 32-page color insert on Garrett & Alexandra’s epic 350 mile
snowshoe trip across Labrador.
Excerpts from their journals are highlighted with photos from the expedition