Bushcraft Trapline Course- An Interactive Trap Line Experience January 19-25, 2025 - 7 days


Dates:  January 19-25, 2025 - 7 Days of Winter Awesomeness!

Instructors:  Dale and Colleen Kiselyk, Ross Hinter

Partners:  Richard Ellens Senior Trapper

Location:   Nature Alive Adventure Centre and adjacent Crown Land.  Property is 2 hours Northwest of Edmonton, near Goose Lake

Description:  Learn to read and understand animal tracks, trails, and signs.  Discover how to set modern and primitive traps for various animals and locate prime areas for trapping success.  See how seasoned trappers process animals for consumption and prepare hides for a multitude of uses.  Expect interactive hands on sessions and walking through stunning Boreal Forest.

This is Bushcraft Skills at its best!  Axe craft, saw craft, rope craft, fire craft, shelter craft, winter clothing, snowshoes, winter ice travel, navigation, animal tracking, animal processing, hide preparation, cooking meals, gathering firewood, camp selection, freight toboggans, snow machines, forest travel, deep snow, and so much more.  It requires so much knowledge and experience to be able to be proficient at operating a trap line through the rigors of the Canadian Wilderness Winter.

Participants will also have the option to extend their stay in Alberta with 2-3 days visiting the Canadian Rocky Mountains at Jasper National Park.  


Accommodations:  All participants and Instructors will be Hot Tent Camping in a variety of Canvas Wall Tents.  While on the Trap Line, we will be pulling all our gear and tents on custom Freight Toboggans to remote camping locations. 

Meals:  All meals are supplied.  Please contact us with special diet needs

Other Required Gear:  It is recommended that participants bring along the following:  saw, axe, knives, rope, first aid kit, warm clothing, extra warm footwear, snowshoes, toboggans, chairs, snacks, drinks, masks, and hand sanitizer.  

Minimum Participants for workshop to run:  6

Maximum Participants for workshop is 8

Fees:  $1600 + GST per person – includes instructor sessions, warming shelter, heated bathroom/shower, firewood, cabins, meals, snow machines, trapping supplies, and safety equipment.

For more information on the finer details, ethics, and content of this exceptional course, please contact us